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More about Me

I have worked on both front-end and back-end development. And particiapted in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Using AGILE and Water flow methods. I’ve always loved creating something new and continuously improving it(KAIZEN). Sometimes I like to write about what I learned in life and at work. I also like to take pictures that tell stories.
If you want, you can view my LinkedIn profile. I show designs on Dribbble, and tweets about nearly about everything on my Twitter account I connect with my family & friends on Facebook.

Being an avid photographer, I take snapshots with my phone and use my DSLR to put pictures on Flickr and videos on YouTube.
If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hello, you can contact me at info@joelcastro.com.

I traveled a very atypical path, both personally and professionally. I was born in the Philippines and lived in 3 different countries. I speak English, Tagalog and Kapampangan fluently. I have been good in math and been artistic since my childhood, studying and obtaining Bachelors in Computer Science. Eversince getting my first software development contract at 19 I have never looked back. But I have found out that I really enjoy colorful things and animation so I decided to focus more on the front-end. Designing has become a second nature since 2002.

One of the greatest strenghs about being a designer with a developer background is that not only I can handle the graphical aspects of a project, but I can also fully understand, participate and even lead the technical aspects of those same projects.

This site is my digital playground. It is a collection of things that I found interesting and amusing.

So think of it as a giant notebook for everyone’s delight.


I design for print and web. Logo’s, banners if you can create it wth a mouse and keyboard we should be good! 🙂


In every venture no situations is always exactly alike, so we customized the right solution to our advantage.

Digital Marketing

The effect of going Digital can not be denied. A website without marketing is like a Car without Gas. By using SEO and Social Media, lets maximize your websites full potential!

Custom Programming

Got a unique idea that has never been done before? Let’s build it with custom programming

How we work.

1 Identify the requirements of the project. Scope the work required and create a plan to accomplish it.

2 Using Agile methodology we break down the project in smaller milestones. Just like how you eat an elephant we do it bit by bit. And track our progress daily.

3 We then QA the project to make sure it is completely done. We provide warranty and celebrate the accomplishment. Our goal in every project is to finish it on time and in the best of our abilities.