2020 Medicine Conferences CA


The Medicine Conferences CA will be organized at the beautiful CA Valley Resort and Spa, appropriately located within a few minutes of famous estates, shopping complexes, and plentiful choices for doing workouts and physical activities.

Conference Description

The conference offers you the latest medical and health information that you can make use in your profession. Wide ranges of important wellness topics covered are connected with advanced medicines, child care and outpatient care that save patient’s life. The most important part of the conference is lecturer giving that covers wide info that help doctors to correctly diagnose and handle patients; so you can help patients in improving their life performance.

Targeted Audience

Health professionals who want CME certification and specialized training in Medicine, Family care, Emergency Medicine, Child Care, Pediatrics, Outpatient care can attend this conference.

Also Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Orthopedics specialists, and others health care experts can also take part participate to receive the benefits.

Medicine conference allows health specialists to learn more about wide medicine applications, advancement in medicine for treating dangerous syndromes and living a healthy life.

What You Can Learn?

At the end of medicine conference, participants can be capable to:

  • Describe the current advancements related to patient care, health related problems and other advanced treatments.
  • Classify the developments in medicine for curing various body issues and giving right nutrition for making inactive patients active.
  • Demonstrate advancements in the disease causes, disease diagnosis, disease prevention and general health problems.
  • Diagnose health issues faced by patients and successfully treat the syndromes.
  • Define general medical or bodily issues connected with the general health care.
  • Identify clinic-based health techniques, chronic disorders like blood pressure and obesity. Clinicians get exact ideas in finding the internal health problems.

We hope you will join with us for this great 2020 medicine Conferences CA. I look forward to greeting you in California!


Robert Sallis, MD, FACSM, FAAFP
Conference Chairman
Family Medicine Doctor

General medical practitioner

Patient care expert
Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine
UC Riverside School of Medicine
Department of Family and Health Care
Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Fontana, CA